Monday, December 28, 2009

UFC 108 Betting picks

Pyle vs Ellenberger: Ellenberger is a heavy favorite in my book. offers 1.71 and 1.70 from Ellenberger's win.

Dos Santos vs Yvel: Yvel is a dangerous match up for a striker like Dos Santos. Odds on this fight are a bit off in my opinion. You can get 3.59 from and 3.29 from of Yvel's victory.

Oliveira vs Gunderson: this match is dead even in my book. pays 2.44 of Gunderson's win, which makes it a solid bet.


  1. Unibet
    Pyle, M-Ellenberger, J 1.60 2.20

  2. Oliveira looked bad in his ufc-bout, but i thought Gunderson seemed to be even worse in his ifl-bouts. I'm not gonna bet that one.