Monday, January 4, 2010

UFC 108 Post-fight analysis

Evans vs Silva: Rashad came out with a new and old game plan: use strikes to set up takedowns. A bit boring, but nevertheless effective strategy. Also very nice control on the ground by Rashad. He passed Thiago's guard and had a mount on him too. Like I thought beforehand Thiago's weak point is still his wresting. He gassed pretty badly too in the third and that could've cost him the fight. Next for Rashad: obviously Rampage. Next for Thiago: someone like Matyshenko, Cane, Schafer, Stann.

Yvel vs Dos Santos: Yvel made a mistake when he decided to brawl with heavyhanded Dos Santos. I thought maybe Yvel would like to try use a kick-based technical muay thai strategy to take Dos Santos' legs out. I guess he got caught up in the moment and just went balls out. Dos  Santos has amazing hand speed for a heavyweight and also packs mean power behind those punches. Next for Yvel: Barry or rematch with Kongo would be very cool fights. Next for Dos Santos: Gonzaga or a title shot against the winner of Mir vs Carwin

Daley vs Hazelett: Damn, Daley has the meanest left hook in the business. He said that he was going to KO Dustin with that left hook and so he did. Hazelett looked a bit scared on the feet and I don't blame him for that. He knew he was facing a superior striker. I wonder if Hazelett's knee is not 100 percent healed yet since he didn't try a single takedown. Next for Daley: please don't feed him to superior wrestlers like Fitch, yet. A brawl with Alves or Anthony Johnson would be guaranteed fireworks. Next for Hazelett: a tune-up fight would be probably best idea for Hazelett's career. Match him up some up-n-comer: Story, Foster, Lennox

Kampmann vs Volkmann: Kampmann dominated the striking like we all thought he would. Volkmann is a good prospect, but he's not ready for the UFC level yet. I'd like to see him take a year off, work on his striking, few fights in the smaller orgs and then try again in the big league. Next for Kampmann: time to step up the level of competition again. A tough up-n-comer like Hendricks, Ellenberger or Hathaway would serve a purpose for both fighters.

Stout vs Joe Lauzon: Lauzon gassed and looked rusty, but that's no wonder since he was coming off a serious injury, surgery and a long lay off. Stout displayed some of his finer qualities in this fight. He didn't panic on the ground and defended most of Lauzon's takedown attempts. Stout striking is really versatile and technically sound. I really liked his liver shots, that he inherited from Bas Rutten via Tompkins. Next for Lauzon: maybe a grappler like Tibau? Next for Stout: a Euro striker like Winner, Siver or Ross Pearson, please!

Ludwig vs Jim Miller: Bang took this fight on two weeks notice and had to cut over 30 pounds to make weight and you have to take these facts into consideration. But the truth is that he still has the same old weaknesses: mediocre takedown defense and a feeble ground game. I don't think we get to see Bang in the UFC anymore. Miller looked awesome again: clipped Bang on the feet and finished him quickly on the ground. Next for Miller: Stevenson, Siver or Tibau. Next for Ludwig: maybe he should stick to being a striking coach, since he clearly doesn't want to learn grappling...

Ellenberger vs Pyle: a very promising performance once again by Ellenberger. I knew he would destroy Pyle, but I was very surprised when Ellenberger decided to play with fire and took Pyle down twice. Pyle has a great ground game, but that doesn't cut it in the UFC anymore. Next for Ellenberger: a welterweight with some name value like Kampmann or Hazelett. Next for Pyle: something outside of the UFC.

Cole Miller vs Dan Lauzon: Exciting fight, but I wasn't that impressed with either. Miller got rocked badly again and Lauzon looked nervous on the feet. Awesome sub by Miller though. Next for both guys: Winner, Oliviera, Stephens.

Jensen vs Munoz: Munoz's striking looked improved now that he has been training with the Nog bros and Anderson Silva. Dude hits like a truck on the ground. Jensen managed to hurt Munoz on the feet, but had a brain fart and decided to try to take Munoz, a highly decorated wrestler, down. Next for Munoz: a good BJJ guy would be a good test. Linhares and Gouveia come to my mind first. Next for Jensen: something that is not happening in the UFC.

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