Sunday, December 13, 2009

UFC 107 post-fight analysis

Just watched last night's fights and thought I wrote some comments about performances.
BJ vs Diego: BJ's boxing is just too much for the other guys at 155. Excellent counter striking once again. BJ is also a very good example of how a superb takedown defense and ground game benefits your striking. He doesn't have to give a sh*t about the possibility of being taken down, so he can just relax and bang away. Gutsy performance by Diego. His striking is a bit too stiff and predictable at the moment, but it's coming along nicely. Next for BJ: Maynard, Edgar? Next for Diego: rematch with Florian would be sweet.

Mir vs Kongo: Great performance by Mir. Nice fake shoot, Kongo lowers his hands and BANG! a heavy back hand. Guillotine didn't look that tight, but Kongo probably was so out of it that he couldn't defend properly. Next for Mir: since Lesnar is out for a while, Mir needs to fight some top contender before he gets a title shot. Problem is most of the guys have fights coming up already. Next for Kongo: back to square one. Take on some up-n-comer like Struve, Duffee or Barry.

Florian vs Guida: Kenny showed again that he's very dangerous on the feet. Florian kept his distance and picked his shots as Guida tried to close the distance. Guida showed big heart and relentlessness once again, but technically his striking isn't very good. Guida throws constantly punches that are too short and couldn't possibly land on his foe. Next for Florian: rematch with Diego would please me or maybe a fight with Frankie Edgar? Next for Guida: back to the trenches so it's someone like Wiman who is next for the Carpenter.

Belcher vs Gouveia: wow, I knew this fight would be awesome slug fest. Both guys took some heavy shots, but it was Belcher's beautiful body shot to the ribs that made the difference. Good showing by the Talent, but Duke Roufus if you read this, please for the love of God, work on this young man's head movement. Next for Belcher: maybe winner of Bisping vs Wandy? Gouveia: 193 lbs at the weight-ins so Wilson must fight at 185. He should face some young gun next, someone like Dollaway or Grove.

Fitch vs Pierce: I was impressed with Mike Pierce. He probably knew before the fight that Fitch would be bigger and more skilled than him, but that didn't stop him from trying to take Fitch's head off. What I admire about these ex-college wrestling stars like Fitch and Pierce is their mental toughness. Years of pressure back in the college wrestling rooms has molded these guys into mental diamonds. You have to literally kill them to stop them. Fitch delivered a guaranteed Jon Fitch performance where he grinded out a decision win, but he needs change something. If he really wants to make a run for the title against GSP again, he needs come up with some new tricks and killer instinct. Next for Fitch: Saunders? Next for Pierce: another young up-n-comer: Hathaway or Foster would be the obvious choices.

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