Monday, December 7, 2009

UFC 107 Preview: Johnson vs Garcia

DaMarques Johnson (12-7) vs. Edgar Garcia (7-1): TUF antihero DaMarques Johnson returns to action as he locks horns with Edgar Garcia.

Johnson, who was a fan anti-favourite during his stint on the TUF, got what many think he deserved when we got completely owned by James Wilks in the final. Wilks outstruck and outgrappled smaller Johnson, who was basically fighting to survive the whole time. Johnson’s survival instincts fell short at the last seconds of the first round when Wilks locked a tight RNC on him.

Garcia made an awesome UFC debut in a very entertaining war against Brad Blackburn, but was royally f*cked by the judges, who gave the decision to Blackburn.  Anyways Garcia showed very good striking, wrestling and all around MMA skills in this fight. Garcia got the attention of me and many others well before the Blackburn fight. Prior to signing with the UFC he fought at the WEC against Hiromitsu Miura, the Japanese judo machine who ragdolled Carlos Condit in their fight. Garcia crushed and KO’ed experienced Miura in just one minute and 18 seconds.

Predictions: in my opinion Edgar Garcia is the toughest guy Johnson has ever faced while Johnson definitely isn’t the toughest opponent Garcia has faced on his short, but successful career. Garcia really doesn’t want to leave this to the judges, so look for him to come out guns blazing. Garcia by TKO strikes R1.

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  1. Fully agree. Terrible style matchup for Johnson, Garcia should crush him on the feet.