Thursday, February 3, 2011

UFC expands to Sweden in 2011

In a recent interview by the UFC president Dana White states that the UFC is planning to bring the show to Sweden. Direct quote from Dana: “It’s true, we’re coming to Sweden. We’ll be there this year." At this point Dana couldn't specify further when the event might happen.

Of course us Finns were hoping that the UFC would come to Finland first, but this is still excellent news for both Finnish fighters and fight fans. I just hope that Finland's top prospects like Marcus Vänttinen, Anton Kuivanen and Tom Niinimäki finally get a chance to show their skills in the Octagon once the UFC event in Sweden takes place. 


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  1. Awesome!Globen would be right place.I hope Kampmann,Gustafsson,Vänttinen,Kuivanen,Niinimäki and couple european rising stars get their shots.Also i think every UFC should have figth for the belt,bcause theres more weight-classes now.