Sunday, January 10, 2010

UFN 20 Betting picks

Bodog and Expekt offer odds to all the fights on the UFN 20 card. Bodog offers slightly better odds.

Chris Leben vs Jay Silva: this is a favorable match up for Silva, who is a legit striker. Leben looked way off against Rosholt and I don't see any reason why his performance would suddenly improve. 2.40 at Bodog.

Nick Catone vs Jesse Forbes: Forbes takes this fight on a 10 days notice. Catone is a durable guy with awesome wrestling and a solid ground game. I believe Forbes, who's had cardio problems in the past, gasses after the first round and Catone takes over. 1.53 at Bodog is enough for me.

Mike Guymon vs Rory MacDonald: MacDonald is a very talented young man and I have a feeling that Joe Silva put together this match up to kickstart his career in the UFC with a dominant victory. Bodog offers 1.50 for Rory's victory and I'm willing to bet on it.


  1. Much to my surprise Leben came out with a game plan and took the decision with it. Good job.
    Catone and MacDonald won, which was great, since I had the most money on the young MacDonald.

  2. Lawlor really surprised me with good standup. In the first round i was pretty sure i had lost all of the money i bet on simpson. I (and Simpson) got lucky this time.. Interesting to see how these dudes get matched up in the future.

    You had a good intuition with Lentz.. I'm glad it went to a draw so i got my Tavares-wagers returned.

  3. What I read from the PBP Tavares was a real dick, literally. He hit Lentz twice with a hard low blow so hard that Lentz's metal cup had a crack on it!