Monday, May 10, 2010

Cage 13 Review

Cage 13 was held on may 8 th at the Energia Arena in Vantaa, Finland. This was the third and the biggest show of the promotion under new ownership. It was also by far the best Cage event that we have ever seen.

In the main event of the evening hometown hero and reality tv star Anton Kuivanen dominated Dutch Raymond Jarman in all areas of MMA for almost three full rounds. Kuivanen came out with a heavy right hand that clipped Jarman on the chin and set the pace for the rest of the fight. As it came obvious to Jarman that he wasn’t getting any success on the feet, he tried to take the fight to the ground, but no luck there either as he was put on his back by Kuivanen. Kuivanen landed some heavy shots from top position, but Jarman absorbed everything and kept fighting back. However in the third round all the damage begun to add up. Finally Kuivanen landed a crushing knee to the liver from side control, that made Jarman give up in 4.00 of the third round. Jarman, who took the fight on one weeks notice, showed that he is game as hell and can take a hellava beating. Big props to Raymond. This was Kuivanen’s fifth straight win and obviously he is ready for bigger fights. Unfortunately Kuivanen broke his hand again, which means that he can’t fight for few months.

In the LHW title fight Finland’s young gun Marcus Vänttinen proved to be too much for the polish judoka Antoni Chmielewski. First round was basically a five minute long feeling out period where Chmielewski kept circling and Vänttinen stalked him down. In the second round Chmielewski scored couple takedowns, but couldn’t do anything after getting his opponent to the ground. On the feet 22 year old Vänttinen scored solid lowkicks, jabs and knees from the clinch. In the third round Vänttinen managed to get mount and drummed Chmielewski for three minutes, but couldn’t get the stoppage.  Vänttinen has recently beaten guys like Zawada, Kulak, Pocevicius and now Chmielewski, so it’s time to step up the game and set a fight with a UFC vet or similar.

In the FW title fight Finland’s monstrous Tom Niinimäki dominated Netherland’s previously undefeated Ben Boekee on the ground. Right away Boekee, a judoka with slick ground skills, shot for a takedown, but Niinimäki sprawled and took top position. On the ground Niinimäki, who was much bigger and visibly stronger than his opponent, kept tight pressure on Boekee and passed his guard number of times. From side control Niinimäki landed few good elbows before snatching a fight ending kimura lock in 3.47 of the first round.  Boekee fought back valiantly, but maybe a drop down to 60/135 would be the right move since he is clearly too small for the top guys at 65/145. Niinimaki is now riding a four fight win streak since dropping down to featherweight.  He is easily top five in euro FW division and I’d love to see him even at the WEC.

There are very few guys in the Europe that can take the belt from Niinimäki, but one of them even fought at this event. Lithuania’s Sergei Grecicho is one of the best grapplers I’ve ever seen fight live. In the fight before this one, Grecicho submitted highly regarded Jerry Kvarnström (7-0 before the fight) with a triangle choke. The two time combat sambo world champion showed once again his amazing submission abilities in his fight with Finland’s Ville Yrjölä. On the ground Grecicho quickly snatched Yrjölä’s hand to an armbar and from there transitioned to a fight ending triangle choke. The fight lasted just 46 seconds. It’s obvious that Grecicho now needs to fight for the belt against Niinimäk. Based on the rumors I heard in the after party, we might get see to this fight, which is absolutely awesome.

In other fights on the card Netherlands Bogdan Christea squeezed a majority decision over Finland’s Michael Grönfors. The fight was an entertaining bout filled with crisp striking, takedowns and ground work. Christea was stronger in clinch and managed to score takedowns that gave him the win. Finland’s always entertaining Jasse Junkkari came out in a samurai costume that got a great response from the crowd. In the fight the Demian Maia purple belt quickly took the back of Lithuania’s Ordoyan and sinked in a RNC. GB Gym’s rising young stallion Kai Puolakka scored his second pro win by submitting Sweden’s Sebastian Eriksson with a standing guillotine.

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