Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sh*t just got real!

Wow, just wow. Vitor Belfort injured his shoulder and was forced to drop out of the middleweight title fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 112. Yeah, this was horrible since I, like most MMA fans, were absolutely dying to see this fight. But fortunately for me atleast, we get something even better as Demian Maia, my bjj master, gets his shot at the title!

Demian was close to getting a title shot last year, but that time the quest ended when Nate Marquardt KO'ed him in a top contender fight. Demian bounced back in his lat fight where he dominated the highly touted Dan Miller for three rounds. In that fight he showed vastly improved striking skills, which he had been working on with Dos Santos, the Nogueiras and professor Doria. Now that Sonnen is out because of the injuries from his bout with Marquardt and Marquardt just lost, is Demian's title shot well deserved.

I know many people don't give Maia much of a chance to beat Anderson and while I can admit that Anderson is a heavy favourite in the upcoming fight, it's also good to remember that almost everyone who has tried to take Anderson down, have also succeeded in it. Lutter took him down. Henderson took him down. Even Leites took him down. I'm sure Demian can do it too and that surely gives him a shot if winning this fight and capturing his lifetime dream of being a UFC champion. I wish all the best for Demian, hopefully the training for this fight goes as planned and we get to see a great fight at Abu Dhabi.

Let's hope this happens at the UFC 112. War Demian!

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